NTS Podcast #50 ft. Arag0rne // Granit Upsetting the Tierlists

Welcome to the NTS Podcast, a podcast focused on the Northern League of Legends Championship (NLC). Hosted by Lee Jones and Tom Daniels, listen in to get the views of experts from the scene, from Esports journalists to the players themselves, on tournaments including the NLC, EU Masters, UKLC and UKEL.

This episode sees Lee and Tom joined by Granit Gaming head coach Arag0rne who has led the side as they defy expectations by heading into the final week of the NLC split still with playoff hopes!

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:50 – Arag0rne’s journey in coaching
00:03:30 – Granit building for TES Sweden
00:04:47 – Defying the tierlists
00:06:33 – Perfect start in Week 1
00:12:39 – Winning in week 2 w/ Ryze/Viktor unbanned
00:15:07 – Who’s flying under the radar on GG?
00:17:36 – Granit’s dip in form
00:21:52 – Having realistic expectations
00:24:23 – Player development & org. goals
00:28:06 – Group A playoff/survival race
00:35:14 – Group B thoughts
00:42:31 – Predictions
01:07:41 – MagiFelix & Dan doing well in LEC
01:22:33 – UKEL standings & fixtures

This episode features:
Lee “Couple Sodi Pops” Jones – NineTeeSix Founder / Esports Journalist – @NTS_LeeJones
Tom Daniels – Esports Insider Sub-editor – @TheTomDaniels
Konstantinos “Arag0rne” Ziagkliavos – Granit Gaming head coach – @Arag0rne

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