UK League Chat (Ep. 44) – UKEL, MRG/Phelan & UK scene – ft. Synygy

Welcome to UK League Chat, a podcast focused on the UK League of Legends scene. Listen in to get the views of experts from the scene, from Esports journalists to the players themselves, on tournaments such as the NLC, UKLC and EU Masters (and on this occasion the UKEL!)

This episode sees Lee and Tom joined by UKEL Founder & Ops Director Alex “Synygy” Winton to talk through the league’s inception, subsequent growth and recent recognition by both Riot and Dreamhack in the UK League of Legends ecosystem.

Also on the agenda was the UK scene as a whole and what grassroots improvements could be made as well as thoughts on the recent Esports News UK and Dexerto articles outlining details of Munster Rugby Gaming/Phelan Gaming’s payment issues last split.

Articles mentioned:
Esports News UK

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:52:00 – UKEL explained
00:02:13 – Synygy’s esports journey & forming the UKEL
00:06:04 – UKEL format
00:10:17 – Riot & Dreamhack endorsement
00:15:56 – Progression for teams and players
00:18:04 – What’s changed since the endorsement
00:22:09 – Future UKEL plans
00:24:37 – Munster/Phelan thoughts
00:48:40 – Grassroots UK LoL & encouraging players to get involved
01:04:43 – Synygy’s statement on rumour of UKEL pressuring Riot to remove competition
01:09:45 – Chat questions
01:12:57 – Closing

This episode features:
Lee “Couple Sodi Pops” Jones – NineTeeSix Founder / Esports Journalist – @NTS_LeeJones
Tom Daniels – Esports Insider Sub-editor – @TheTomDaniels
Alex “Synygy” Winton – UKEL Founder & Ops Director – @synygy_

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