Best LEC Free Agent Roster

The annual free agency period is one of the most exciting times in the calendar of a LoL Esports fan, and arguably the most stressful for teams and their players. With contracts coming up to their expiration today, we take a look at the strongest roster that can be made of LEC talent entering free agency.

Top – Alphari (Origen/Atralis)

Former Misfits and Origen top laner Barney “Alphari” Morris has been argued as one of, if not the best top laner in Europe over recent splits. His time on Origen in particular has brought high hopes of title challenges, including a finals appearance in Spring 2019, however the side faltered to a last place finish in Summer 2020 and will now rebrand and rebuild as Astralis in 2021.

Throughout the turmoil, Alphari consistently showed his skill in the top lane and is already rumoured to be joining LCS’ Team Liquid during the off-season (though no formal announcement is expected until free agency begins). While European fans will be understandably disappointed to see him leave their league, his serious chance for silverware in North America (and serious pay rise) should ultimately make the move worthwhile for the Brit.

Jungle – Xerxe (Origen/Astralis)

Another Origen player already thought to have agreed a deal with an NA side, jungler Andrei “Xerxe” Dragomir makes it into our free agency roster in the jungle position. Though not thought of as highly in his role as Alphari, Xerxe has proved himself as a reliable jungler over recent seasons, turning out for Unicorns of Love and Origen while also making a quarter-finals Worlds run with Splyce in 2010.

An alternate option that organisations could look to this off-season is Fnatic Rising jungler Daniel “Dan” Hockley. Though not currently an LEC player, the jungler is thought to be among the best in his role in the European Regional Leagues and is already rumoured to be joining Excel Esports’ main roster.

Mid – Abbedagge (FC Schalke 04)

Though the mid lane free agency pool is not particularly deep, teams need look no further than Abbedagge’s Summer split improvements to see that he can do a decent job in a league known for it’s creation of mid talents.

He first joined the LEC with Schalke ahead of the 2019 season and struggled to make his mark on the league in his first few splits, however his side’s Summer 2020 comeback story has shown the potential first seen in him during his time among the TCL and ERLs.

ADC – Rekkles (Fnatic)

Mr. Fnatic, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson is now synonymous with the brand and is largely expected to renew his contract once again. However, the delay in any announcement or confirmation only fuels rumours of his departure, with G2 Esports a side thought to be considering making an offer for the Swede to replace the outgoing Perkz.

The four-time LEC winner and 2018 Worlds finalist would be a shoo-in for almost any Western side and is even thought to have received LPL offers in past seasons. He’ll have no shortage of options, and though likely to stay on with Fnatic he may well be able to enter free agency to understand his own market value at the very least.

Support – Hylissang (Fnatic)

Along with Rekkles, lane partner Zdravets “Hylissang” Iliev Galabov also sees his contract up today with the freedom to move elsewhere if desired. Like Rekkles, Hylissang is also expected to extend his stay with Fnatic but would be welcomed to most other sides in the league.

With his performances questioned by some fans during the Summer, he may prefer to leave the side and start a new adventure elsewhere. However, if he is serious about contending G2 for the LEC title in 2021, Fnatic is the ideal place to stay with no side other than these having won a European title since the now disbanded Alliance back in Summer 2014.

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Article by Lee ‘Couple Sodi Pops’ Jones
Image credit Riot Games