UK League Chat (Ep. 36) – Godsent & EUM – ft. Cboi & Mikmer

Welcome to UK League Chat, a podcast focused on the UK League of Legends scene. Listen in to get the views of experts from the scene, from Esports journalists to the players themselves, on tournaments such as the NLC, UKLC and EU Masters.

This episode sees Lee and Tom joined by Godsent duo Cboi and Mikmer. The jungler and mid laner were part of a roster picked up by the NLC organisation after qualifying for TES Denmark and went on to defy expectations to reach the playoff stage.

The Danes explain how they had expected to perform in contrast to the negative predictions being made by others, as well as looking at group strength, their playoff run and thoughts on the league’s first split.

Also on the agenda was the ongoing EU Masters group stage (where NLC champions Fnatic Rising are still in the running), looking into who is playing best so far and could go on to win the tournament.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:17 – Getting picked up by Godsent
00:02:39 – Were there other offers?
00:03:42 – Tier lists and expectations
00:06:34 – Wins over Riddle and Nordavind
00:09:14 – Scrim performances & benefits of being friends
00:16:06 – Vandett0’s impact
00:18:02 – FF win vs Nordavind to secure playoffs
00:22:05 – Playoffs
00:27:57 – Could BT Excel have done better at EUM than Riddle?
00:30:54 – How would rosters be ranked now?
00:35:36 – Would Cboi and Mikmer be put off the NLC due to limited EUM spots?
00:39:30 – EUM group stage so far
00:49:29 – Possible EUM meta changes
00:52:01 – Plans for the off-season and 2021
00:53:40 – Thoughts on NLC so far
00:58:19 – Will the level of NLC change next split?
01:01:49 – Closing

This episode features:
Lee “Couple Sodi Pops” Jones – NineTeeSix Founder / Esports Journalist – @NTS_LeeJones
Tom Daniels – Journalist – @TheTomDaniels
Casper “Cboi” Bo Simonsen – Godsent jungler – @Cboilol
Kenneth “Mikmer” Østergaard – Godsent mid laner – @MikmerLoL

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