UK League Chat (Ep. 29) – ENCE – ft. ATL

Welcome to UK League Chat, a podcast focused on the UK League of Legends scene. Listen in to get the views of experts from the scene, from Esports journalists to the players themselves, on tournaments such as the NLC and UKLC.

This episode sees Lee and Tom joined by ENCE performance coach ATL. The Finn gives an insight into his time in the UK scene, with both Phelan Gaming in 2019 and a tumultuous split with Enclave Gaming in Spring of 2020.

Also on the agenda is the move to his current team ENCE; looking at his role in the side that doesn’t have a dedicated head coach. The guys talk about how ENCE’s hopes for their first foray into League of Legends, as well as how the split has gone so far and what we can expect moving forwards.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:14 – How did ATL find his way into the UK scene with Phelan?
00:02:16 – Joining Enclave and unexpectedly becoming head coach
00:04:10 – Causes of Enclave’s struggles
00:07:00 – Getting the first win vs Barrage
00:08:27 – Wysek’s impact as shotcaller (vs reputation as ’tilter’)
00:12:03 – How ATL became a coach without having played competitively
00:17:18 – Difference between head coach and performance coach
00:21:54 – How Taikki helps with the ‘head coach’ role in ENCE
00:25:11 – ENCE’s roster-building and expectations for their first LoL split
00:29:44 – How has the split gone so far?
00:34:04 – Kehvo’s impact
00:37:47 – Kehvo’s copypasta
00:38:50 – How would ENCE stack up against teams from Group B?
00:41:08 – Predictions
00:41:22 – Barrage Esports vs Tricked Esport
00:45:25 – Munster Rugby Gaming vs Fnatic Rising
00:50:00 – ENCE vs Team Singularity
00:56:41 – BT Excel vs Nordavind (MOTW)
01:01:37 – Riddle Esports vs Godsent
01:09:27 – MnM Gaming vs Tricked Esport
01:16:00 – Fnatic Rising vs Dusty
01:19:02 – Munster Rugby Gaming vs Barrage Esports
01:24:18 – Avoiding tilt in solo queue
01:27:21 – Closing

This episode features:
Lee ‘Couple Sodi Pops’ Jones – NineTeeSix Founder / Esports Journalist – @NTS_LeeJones
Tom Daniels – Esports Journalist – @TheTomDaniels
Aleksanteri ‘ATL’ Leinonen – ENCE performance coach – @Coach_ATL

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