UK League Chat (Ep. 25) – Munster Rugby Gaming & UKLC – ft. Mulgrew

Welcome to UK League Chat, a podcast focused on the UK League of Legends scene. Listen in to get the views of experts from the scene, from Esports journalists to the players themselves, on tournaments such as the NLC and UKLC.

This episode sees Lee and Tom joined by Munster Rugby Gaming’s Academy Manager Josh ‘Mulgrew’ Mulgrew, who has been with the side since the Phelan Gaming days.

Mulgrew gives some insight on the transition from Phelan to Munster and how this has changed the team-building process, particularly due to roster fluidity rules preventing the use of a 10 man roster.

Other topics included expectations for the split, hopes from the UKLC Academy side and, as always, predictions for the upcoming games this week.

00:01:00 – How Phelan became Munster and current structure
00:03:43 – NLC application process
00:05:50 – Building the MRG Academy roster + NLC/UKLC substitution rules
00:15:55 – Thoughts on academy teams in UKLC
00:18:51 – Crossover between Munster’s NLC and UKLC sides
00:24:50 – Munster’s Summer expectations for NLC and UKLC
00:32:48 – LEC Wooloo + thoughts on rumours/leaks
00:43:56 – Predictions for week 2 (including thoughts on week 1)
01:20:39 – Group strength

This episode features:
Lee ‘Couple Sodi Pops’ Jones – NineTeeSix Founder / Esports Journalist – @NTS_LeeJones
Tom Daniels – Esports Journalist – @TheTomDaniels
Josh ‘Mulgrew’ Mulgrew – Munster Rugby Gaming Academy Manager – @MRG_MulgrewJosh

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