25% Decrease in LEC’s Korean Imports from Spring 2019 to 2020

Following on from another off-season of player turnover (one that saw the promotion of a host of rookie talent), German players have now overtaken Korean as the most prevalent in the LEC.

A league not know for its imported talent, the League of Legends European Championship saw a host of Korean talent imported in the 2019 season after the implementation of franchising led to increased investment amongst teams.

A year on and and a number of these players have not been re-signed by teams, for the most part being replaced by emerging European talent. Players such as GorillA, Mowgli and Pirean have had their spots filled by LEC rookies, albeit with mixed results for their former teams.

As a result of these changes, the country with the highest number of players competing in the league is now Germany, overtaking Korea with 6 pros compared to 5. Alongside Korea with 5 players is Poland, while France and Czech Republic complete the top five countries with 4 players each.

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Article by Lee ‘Couple Sodi Pops’ Jones
Analytics via Leaguepedia