FunPlus Phoenix Worlds 2019 Skins

The 2019 World Championship final in Paris’ AccorHotels Arena brought a close to the largest competition in the League of Legends calendar. As is LoL tradition, the winners FunPlus Phoenix will now be immortalized in the game with their own line of skins, but which champions are they most likely to choose to carry their legacy?

GimGoon (Top) – Gangplank

One of the three players to confirm his chosen champion in the post-match press conference, top-laner GimGoon looks set to select his trusted Gangplank to don an FPX skin in the game. Having played the Bilgewater champion in 6 of his 18 matches at Worlds (with 5 wins), the Korean’s choice comes as little surprise.

Another fine option for GimGoon would have been Renekton, who he used to earn four wins in five matches as his most played champion at the tournament up until the semi-final.

Tian (Jungle) – Lee Sin

Another who announced his preferred champion immediately after FPX’s victory, series MVP Tian has gone for Lee Sin as his choice of skin. Having utlilised the play-making potential of Lee Sin at such a level that he was highlighted as the best performer in the final, Tian’s decision was all but confirmed even before he gave his input during the post-match press conference.

Doinb (Mid) – Nautilus

Doinb’s story was on that captivated fans throughout Worlds and propelled the Korean mid-laner into stardom. Having been known during his career as a player who was not afraid to step outside of the meta, his signature Nautilus mid pick was one that he was even able to use to his advantage during his team’s final win over G2, as well as a number of times leading up to that series.

When asked what champion he will prefer to own his skin, Doinb explained that he will decide on his choice with his fans during a future live stream. If his fans do not favour Nautilus, then Ryze may perhaps be the next best option, having played him the most during Worlds (including a game two win in the final).

Lwx (ADC) – Kai’Sa

ADC Lwx set a new record during this year’s World Championship final, becoming the first and only player to finish a final series with 0 deaths (racking up 21 kills and 14 assists along the way). His most featured champion during the tournament was Kai’Sa, an ADC that has dominated the bottom lane since her release and was also chosen by JackeyLove for his IG skin in 2018.

There is a chance that Riot prevents Lwx from choosing Kai’Sa, not only due to JackeyLove’s skin from last year but also due to the fact that she has recently had another skin release in the shape of K/DA Kai’Sa Prestige Edition. If not Kai’Sa, then Lwx looks set to choose Vayne as his champion having expressed his desire to be commemorated with a skin of either of the two when asked following his Worlds win.

Crisp (Support) – Thresh

The third of FPX’s side to confirm which champion he would like was support Crisp. Another player who put in a stellar performance in the final, and could have easily been chosen as the MVP, Crisp has stated his intention to have Thresh don his FunPlus skin after their World Championship win, and in doing so has chosen a champion with whom he went unbeaten in the tournament (4W-0L).

Though having played Nautilus more times during Worlds, many of these were used as flex picks with the mid lane and the Chinese support has now affirmed his preference for the soul-farming support champion.

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Article by Lee ‘Couple Sodi Pops’ Jones
Image credit Riot Games