Korea the Most Represented Country in the LEC

After LEC franchising has kicked in for the 2019 season, Denmark is no longer the most represented country within Europe’s biggest league.

With an influx of investment to the LEC (similar to that of the NA LCS in it’s first franchise season), more teams appear to have opted for import talent as the number of Korean imports rises from 5 in Summer 2018 to 8 in Spring 2019.


Having previously been the most represented country with 6 players, the number of Danish players is unchanged and is the 2nd highest behind Korea. Denmark has historically produced a large number of top-tier players, such as Caps, Bjergsen, Jensen and Froggen, and this may be linked to the country’s positive take on Esports.

Elsewhere on the list, Poland sits 3rd with 5 players (3 of which are starting junglers) while the UK and Sweden both share 4. France, Slovenia and Germany currently have 3 players, Spain, Norway, Czech Republic, Romania and the Netherlands have 2 and 7 countries have 1 player each.


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Cover photo credit Riot Games