INF SolidSnake on RNG: “Their style of play fits the meta, playing very fast and taking advantage of every window of opportunity … having Uzi as their ADC means they are the favourites”

Infinity eSports were a surprise package in Worlds 2018 Play-Ins, gaining a win over Edward Gaming during the Play-In Group stage and narrowly losing to G2 in a 3-1 series to miss out on reaching the final Groups. We were lucky enough to speak to their jungler, SolidSnake, on topics ranging to the team’s Worlds performance to the controversial merger between Latin America’s North and South regions.


NTS: Firstly, we would like to say it that we loved seeing you guys competing in Worlds this year. A very close 4th game could’ve easily gone either way, and anything could’ve happened if the series had reached 5 games. What do you think about the series? What were your expectations against G2?
I feel like there were several points in games 3 and 4 where they were in our favour, and it is very disappointing that we couldn’t keep a cool head and close the games calmly. We reached our win conditions which was the hard part, but failed to coordinate this into victories. My expectations were to win the series and we felt very prepared to do that, it was a shame that we made some mistakes and they did well to punish us.

NTS: Earlier in the Play-In stage Infinity finished 2-2 with an impressive win over Edward Gaming. How do you rate the team’s performance as a whole during your time in Korea?
It was very encouraging to be honest, after we came from a bad 0-2 performance on day 1. For day 2 we knew we were capable and had simply had a bad day [on day 1]. Beating EDG and taking a pentakill against Dire Wolves; the mood went up a lot.

NTS: Teams such as Infinity and Turkey’s SuperMassive eSports have shown that the level of League’s smaller regions is improving and getting closer to that of the major regions. When do you think we will see one of these teams reaching the Group stage?
When there is a team that, in addition to having great individuals, can be patient and play with a steady tempo.

NTS: Who do you see as the favourites to win Worlds this year?
RNG. Their style of play fits the meta, playing very fast and taking advantage of every window of opportunity. As well as this, having Uzi as their ADC means they are the favourites.

NTS: Who do you see as the best jungler at the tournament?
SolidSnake: One of the reasons why I consider RNG to be very strong is due to Karsa. He exploits lanes with pressure and exploits aggressive match-ups a lot. I see him as the best.

NTS: How did you find Korean solo queue, do you think you learned anything from playing there?
SolidSnake: You learn to take advantage of fast plays and to execute elaborate plays without so much preparation. You speed up your game a lot playing in Korean solo queue.

NTS: Speaking of solo queue, there has been some controversy surrounding Riot’s decision to host the new Latin America league in Chile from next season, particularly as Northern teams will no longer have access to NA solo queue with decent ping. What are your thoughts on this change?
It has positives, such as a more competitive league, and bad things, like the solo queue. In the long term I think it will be a good thing.


NTS: On the topic of the 2019 season, are you looking to stay with Infinity beyond this year or may you take this opportunity to join one of Latin America’s Southern teams?
SolidSnake: I would like to continue with the team as it is, maybe adding a position coach. Still, nothing is certain and time will tell.

NTS: What will your plans be between now and the start of next season? Will you take some time to rest or will you be using the time to grind solo queue?
I will continue playing solo queue, but will also spend some time on activities that will clear my mind.

NTS: Lastly, in your opinion, does tomato ketchup belong in the cupboard or in the fridge?
SolidSnake: Definitely away from my food, I really hate ketchup. [laughs]

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Photos courtesy of Riot Games. Interview conducted in Spanish and translated to English.