It’s Official, Thresh Is the Most Mained Champion in League of Legends

At least by reddit anyway!

A recent poll on the game’s main subreddit (/r/LeagueofLegends) has posed the question of who is the most mained champion in the game, creating a poll including all champions and allowing users to select their favourite.

With more than 100,000 votes currently registered, Thresh is comfortably out on top with over 3000 votes; equating to 2.90% of the user base that have voted so far. To better understand how high this is, we can compare this figure to what we would see if all of the 139 champions (excluding the newly released Kai’sa) were mained equally. If all champions had the same volume of players who preferred them as their main, then this would come to approximately 1.39% of the player base for each champion. Thresh’s total more than doubles this despite not currently being considered a top-tier support pick.

Next in the list are Ahri (2.39%) and Ezreal (2.18%), followed by Bard (2.07%) and Tristana (1.92%) to round off the top 5. Perhaps surprisingly, Yasuo only appears at 8th on the list with a main-rate of 1.76%, however this does make him the most selected top-laner as seen below.

most played champs

Most mained by lane:
– Top – Yasuo (1.76%)
– Jungle – Lee Sin (1.34%)
– Mid – Ahri (2.39%)
– ADC – Ezreal (2.18%)
– Support – Thresh (2.90%)

This then moves us on to the least mained champions, with Olaf and Ornn sitting on 0.15% (155 and 158 votes respectively as of when this article is published). The bottom five is later finished by Lissandra (0.16%), Ivern (0.17%) and Nunu (0.19%).

least played champs

Least mained by lane:
– Top – Olaf (0.15%)
– Jungle – Ivern (0.17%)
– Mid – Lissandra (0.16%)
– ADC – Kalista (0.23%)
– Support – Soraka (0.42%)*

*Other support picks Trundle and Fiddlesticks were seen with less votes (0.22% and 0.28%), however we did not include these as the lowest mained support champions as support is not their primary role. To confirm their primary role, we consulted each champion’s champion page (here for Trundle and here for Fiddlesticks) which confirmed that Trundle is most popular in the top lane whilst Fiddlesticks is (just) mostly seen in the jungle.